Four Wheel Driving in Broken Arrow Trail, Sedona, Arizona USA

Best Period:
Fall, spring, winter
Trail's length:
4 mi / 7 km
The beautiful city of Sedona straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai counties in the northern Verde Valley region in Arizona. Sedona is a place that offers many cultural sites, recreational opportunities, impressive landscapes and that's why it attracts about 4 million visitors every year.

Many daredevil four wheel drivers visit the Broken Arrow trail, in order to feel the sense of accomplishment. Broken Arrow trail is a well-known trail among four wheel drivers and one of the most famous trails of Sedona city.

You can enjoy an awesome four wheel driving experience on this trail. The trail is for intermediate and experts of this activity, as it includes some challenging obstacles. The most difficult obstacle, which can become the focal point of your activity, is called “The Steps” and it is driven downhill.

The length of the trail is about 4 mi / 7 km, while the average elevation is approximately 4400 ft /1341 m. Be aware that the duration of your activity might last about 2-4 hours. Also, sometimes you might find the spot busy, because of the popularity of the spot. So, start the adventure when Pavement Road ends. For the satisfaction of your curiosity spend a little time in the Devil’s Diving Room, then come across the difficult Submarine Rock, admire the stunning view from the Chicken Point and finally reach “The Steps” for the ultimate adventure.

The best period for visiting this spot is during fall, spring and winter. Be aware that the area is not daily open. So, verify the operating hours before you get there.

And once you find yourself in this spot, it is certain that you will have a great time!!!