Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi USA

Rider Ability:
Water type:
Chop, Small Wave (< 1m / 3ft)
Water Quality:
Wind Type:
Frontal Winds
Best Months:
January, February, March, April, October, November, December
Biloxi is now the fifth largest city in the state of Mississippi. It has many islands spread into the Gulf of Mexico and it counts many casinos and resort hotels. The city of Biloxi provides many recreational activities in numerous facilities, among them parks, playgrounds, walking tracks, tennis and basketball courts.

Imagine yourself using kite power to glide on water! Kiteboarding is the extreme sport that combines surfing, wind surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding and gymnastics into one. As exciting as it sounds, kiteboarding is the ideal sport to practice when visiting Biloxi. The big, white sand beach and the small wave ocean waters of the Gulf make Biloxi one of the top kiteboarding destinations. Nevertheless, you will be surprised of how little people know of this spot, and you will be pleased to have almost the entire beach to yourself. 

The winds are usually frontal, so it’s best to have a small kite of 12 m/40 ft, although during Spring, when the winds turn southeast and especially summer, when the winds decent, large kites (16-20 m/53-66 ft) will enhance the excitement. Biloxi has a subtropical climate, heavily influenced by the Gulf of Mexico. Winter days are wet and mild and summers are humid and hot, bearing the brunt of tropical storms during late summer to fall. The average temperature varies between 43-63°F (6-17 °C) in winter and 74-90°F (23-32 °C) in summer.

In Biloxi you can try most kiteboarding styles, but the ideal for these waters are freestyle, freeride, wakestyle and wakeskate. Unfortunately, the waves are pretty small, so you cannot fully enjoy your waveriding. But, we can’t have it all, can we?