Skydiving in Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

High Speed:
120 mph/193 kph
Suffolk is located in state of Virginia, within the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Hampton Roads. Also it is the largest independent city in the country.

The fact that Suffolk is located only 45 minutes far from Virginia Beach, makes this place always busy. So, if you feel bored and you are looking for something different or extreme, Suffolk is the most appropriate place to visit and feel the adventure. Taking into account that this spot is ideal for skydiving, you should grab the opportunity and make yourself a priceless gift. The experience of skydiving!

Trust the year experience of a well skilled staff and try an unforgettable jump. Start your activity with a 20-30 minutes training and then admire the breathtaking view from 11000 to 14000 ft (3352.8 to 4267.2 m), reaching speed up to 120 mph/193 kph.  The maximum weight for participants is 230 lb (104 kg). So, reach the adrenaline at the highest level and feel your heart beating faster and faster.

Now that you know what kind of experience you will feel, it is easier for you to choose the best place for the most exciting activity!