Jet Skiing in Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi USA

Hurricanes (season June 1st to October 1st)
Biloxi is nowadays the fifth largest city in the state of Mississippi. Although it has suffered severe damages by the hurricane Katrina, most of which are now restored, Biloxi can provide many recreational activities in parks, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast covers 100 km (62 mi) of beaches, holding the world’s biggest man-made beach, that of 42 km (26 mi). In Biloxi Mississippi you can find excitement by tearing up the water on a jet ski and exploring the Gulf Coast. Biloxi was a beloved vacation destination for many decades with its calm waters being perfect for jet skiing even for children.

Biloxi’s picturesque beaches are full of harbors and beach vendors that can offer you an adrenaline ride with their rental jet skis. No waves to tame though, since the barrier islands limit the strong waves that reach the mainland beaches, making jet skiing ideal for beginners and children. What more to ask for?