Paragliding in Vlacherna, Agrinio, Central Greece Region Greece

Skill level:
Take off GPS Coordinates:
38°39'15" (38.6544)N; 21°23'49" (21.3971)E
Landing GPS Coordinates:
338°38'49" (38.647)N; 21°23'8" (21.3857)E
Agrinio is the largest city and economical center of the Aetoloakarnania. The climate here, as in the rest of the country, is classified as Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

Vlacherna is located within 15 minutes from the city of Agrinio and is considered to be a favorite destination for paragliding enthusiasts. Thanks to its easy accessibility and the excellent thermal conditions that enable you to easily gain height, this spot is one of the most visited paragliding sites in the region. The location is addressed to all experience levels, as it does not present particular technical difficulties.

The take off altitude is at 343 m/1125 ft above sea level and the take off point is found at 38°39’15” (38.6544)N; 21°23’49” (21.3971)E. The landing point is found at 338°38’49” (38.647)N; 21°23’8″ (21.3857)E, on the west side of the take-off area. In addition, the best wind direction is coming from the West and Southwest. Furthermore, you can perform this exciting sport at almost any time of the year. Last but not least, there are paragliding centers, operating on the site that offer everything you need for your paragliding adventures!