Paragliding in Bad Tölz, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Launch area length:
1300 m/4265 ft
717 m/2352 ft
Height above sea level:
470 m/1541 ft
Maximum height of flying:
1180 m/3871 ft
Bad Tölz is located at 52 km/32 mi in the south of Munich in Bavaria and it is the administrative center of the district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. Blomberg – Bad Tölz ski resort is situated in the vicinity of Bad Tölz.

Paragliding is a very popular sport in Bad Tölz. The spot itself, located in Blomberg, attracts many paragliders due to its magnificent views over the Isar river and Bad Tölz. However, paragliding can be performed on the spot under certain wind conditions. The area offers two launching sites, both easily accessible by the train.

Blomberg paragliding flight area offers an extensive network of trails. The length of launching area covers 1300 m /4265 ft long. The elevation of the area is at 717 m / 2352 ft. Base station height is at 470 m / 1541 ft above sea level while the maximum height of flying is at 1180 m /3871 ft. With strong thermal wind currents around the spot from April to June, paragliding can be performed under ideal weather conditions.

As far as speeding is concerned, paragliding can be successfully practiced when wind speed is approximately between 5-20 km/h. In spring, paragliding is better practiced at noon while in summer the best time for paragliding is late in the afternoon. You can find all the comfort you are looking for along with dinning options at the base station and the summit station.