Paragliding in Wilderness, George, Western Cape South Africa

Wilderness is a resort, lying between the Outeniqua mountains and beautiful warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Rich with beautiful beaches and a number of rivers and lakes, Wilderness offers considerable amount of tranquility making it a perfect beach holiday spot. Climate is warm all year round with winters offering sunny and warm days.

Wilderness Beach Hotel offers some fun paradling experience. The spot has some narrow lift band with a basic grading. The wind direction here is southerly/ south-westerly and has an altitude of 46 m/147 ft. Best times for paragliding is between October and April when winds are consisted and limited rainfall.

Flights take a minimum of 15 minutes, depending on the weather, and most of the times conducted at 10 am when the winds are favorable. Take off and landings are normally mild and no need to panic, just enjoy the Wilderness coastline from above with magnificent seagulls view!!!

Attire is just warm clothes. Due to weather dependency, it is advisable to make prior bookings before the trip.