Wind Surfing in Sestroretsk, Saint Petersburg, Federal city of Saint Petersburg Russia

May to September
Saint Petersburg is a city situated on the Neva river, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The federal subject of Saint Petersburg has its name changed three times, from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, then Leningrad and back to Saint Petersburg.

Due to the position of St. Petersburg on the Finnish Bay, it is known for its big water sport action. Wind Surfing is a sport that is pretty popular there, attracting all kind of wind surfers. One of the beaches that is great for wind surfing is Sestroretsk.

Its position in the city and the easy proximity make this spot a top wind surfing destination. The best day time to practice your favorite sport is morning, afternoon and also evening. With clean water quality, no tide dependency and no current, this place is good for wave, freestyle, freeride and long distance wind surfing.

The force of the wind is medium 16 – 25 knots/29.7 – 46.3 kph and it mainly blows from the west. The optimum form of the wind blows from the southwest and the best direction relative is side-onshore. The dangers at the site are only some visible hazards.

The beach is empty during the week and you only find crowd at weekends. So only a few windsurfers ride these waves, despite the cold. Sestroretsk is great for wind surfing lessons and practice, so if you live nearby or visit for holidays, just give it a shot!!!