Wind Surfing in Pelican Point, Perth, Western Australia Australia

Southwest and south-southwest
Pelican Point is a geographical feature and nature reserve on the Swan River in Perth, located at Matilda Bay near the University of Western Australia. The point is named after the pelicans that rest on sand bars at the end of the point.

The spot is located on the north side of the Swan river. Suitable for practitioners of all levels of difficulty, the river is ideal for both beginners as it has many shallow areas and more advanced surfers who look for nice long runs.

Since the location is busy with many water-sports practitioners, beginners are usually scheduled in the morning on the Easterly breeze and learning how to water-start while afternoons are dedicated for intermediate practitioners. Southwest and south-southwest winds create ideal conditions for wind surfing at this particular spot. In general, you can continuously windsurf for about 300 m/984 ft along the point and out quite far.

Anywhere near the yellow 5 kn/9.2 kph keeps you within standing depth or close to it. The south-westerly sea breeze blows onto a sandbar and makes it very safe because you can only get blown back on to it if you get into trouble. Watch out for other windsurfers and kite-surfers as this spot can be quite crowded, particularly during Saturday mornings! Really nice crowd of people, with lots of learners blending in with far more experienced folks.

The windsurfers entrance is situated in the western side of the car park. During summer months, the wind consistently blows between noon and 3pm, from the South-West along to the southern half of the west coast, thus providing the ideal wind-surfing conditions. Temperatures range from 42 °C/107.6 °F during summer season to 4 °C/39.2 °F during winter season. Water’s temperature is warm from November to March, but a shirt is needed to protect yourself from the sun.