Wind Surfing in Kouremenos Beach, Sitia, Crete Greece

Waves size:
Wind strength:
4 to 7 Bft
Kouremenos beach is located in Palekastro, a small village on the eastern edge of Crete. Crete is the biggest island in Greece and very popular for its culture and history. Three mountains crosses the island from West to East, that gifted Crete with fertile plateaus, like Nida, Omalos and Lassithi. There are also plains, like Messara and valleys.

Palekastro is a typical Cretan village, located in the middle of Kouremenos bay, where you don’t find mass tourism. The big sandy beach of Kouremenos of 1.5 km/ 0.93 mi length can give you the ideal vacations. Enjoy the best sunshine, the flat water, feel the fresh air and breath.

Kouremenos beach offers the right conditions for windsurfing. So, lets play games with the wind, flirt with the waves and feel the adrenaline and the passion. During the summer period the temperature can exceed to 30°C/86°F. The wind in the area usually reaches at 4 or 7 Bft. The choppy waves are from 1-3+m/3.28-9.84 ft. The best season is from May to October, where the meltemi wind blows side shore from the left. Near the spot, there is a windsurf school, that can provide with all the equipment and can show you the magic of windsurf.

Take a break, it’s time for a walk. Find a restaurant, taste the traditional Cretan food, listen to Mantinades poetry and maybe you will learn local Cretan dances. Drink some shots of raki, but be careful, it’s a really strong sort of local alcohol spirit. Near the spot, you can also find comfortable accommodations, where you can relax and find the peacefulness you need.