Wind Surfing in Dewey Beach, Sussex County, Delaware USA

Average wind speed:
16 mph/25.7 kph
Wave Type:
Good swell direction:
Southwest, east
Wind direction:
Northwest, west, southwest
Dewey Beach is an incorporated coastal town in Sussex County, Delaware, United States. The fact that Dewey Beach has been awarded with a 5 star rating for its excellent water quality, attracts many people from every corner of the earth.

Dewey Beach is a place, where you can combine pleasure with adventure. Be one of all those people, who visit this spot every year and give yourself the opportunity to feel the ultimate adventure of windsurfing.

The spot is well-known for its water quality. It also offers protecting flat-water sailing. The average wind speed is 16 mph/25.7 kph. Here the winds come from the northwest, west and southwest and combined with the swell from the southeast and east, create the best conditions for your activity. The wave type is beach-break, the wave direction is right and left and the wave bottom is sandy.

During summer months, it is likely to face difficulties with the parking. In this case, you may have to park on the west side of 1 and walk a little bit. Now, that you have all the information you need, you just have to visit this place and enjoy every second of your staying.