Wind Surfing in Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales United Kingdom

Best wind directions:
southeast, southwest, northwest
Swansea Bay is a large beach, extended along through the whole Swansea City.

The beach offers low tides, making thus mud a predominant element of the spot, so you should be aware when you practice windsurfing in this specific location. The seabed is formed mainly of sand, rock and even mud. Best wind directions for windsurfing are southeast, southwest and northeast.

If you prefer free style windsurfing, you can come across quite a few places around the bay with different surfing conditions. Usually the beach does not provide lifeguard services throughout the year with the exception of weekends and summer period.

Many restaurants and entertainment places can be found around the Swansea bay area as the city is close to the location. Accommodation price is affordable with a big variety of choices. Instructors would provide you with the necessary equipment for renting and you can hit the waves immediately, even if you are a beginner.