Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Außenalster Lake, Hamburg, Hamburg Germany

Best wind direction:
Average wind speed:
9 knots/16.5 kph
Average air temperature:
7-15°C /44.6-59°F
Hamburg (Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg) is the second largest city in Germany, the thirteenth largest German state and the sixth largest city in the European Union. It is situated on the river Elbe while port is the second largest port in Europe and tenth worldwide. Hamburg is known for its big sporting activity among others.

If you find yourself in the wider Hamburg area and you are a water element enthusiast, you should definitely visit Außenalster as it is a water sports paradise! It is an enormous lake where many water sports are being performed. One sport that attracts a lot of athletes is kite-surfing.

Außenalster is a lake with ideal kite-surfing conditions since wind, in its optimum form, comes from the west-northwest and west-southwest. Its speed is about 9 knots (16.5 kph). The average air temperature is kind of low, at about 7°C /44.6°F in winter/fall months and at 15°C /59°F in spring/summer months.

Numerous kite-surfing tricks and jumps can be performed since the rapidity that is being developed is big. Although the place is very popular and there are a lot of people, the spot never gets crowded because of the ample space. You will never get bored on this lake. Once you finish your favorite activity, you can have a lovely meal or a cup of coffee at the coffee shops and restaurants, scattered around the beach.

By the lake shore, there are a lot of shops and schools where you can find experienced staff to assist you with brushing up your kite-surf skills. Don’t wait any more, come along and enjoy!