Wakeboarding in Rumpelsee, Süsel, Schleswig-Holstein Germany

Step-down box:
20 m / 65.6 ft
Elephant box:
18 m / 59 ft
Süsel is a municipality in the district of Ostholstein, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. It is situated at approximately 23 km/15 mi north of Lübeck, and 10 km/6 mi in the southeast of Eutin. Süsel represents a peaceful congregation of 15 picturesque villages in north Germany, surrounded by fields, forests and lakes.

One of the lakes, named Rumpelsee hosts a water-sport park, very famous for the facilities it offers to the wake-boarding lovers throughout almost the whole year. Either a beginner or a professional, you can have an amazing time there. You can find anything you need as far as equipment is concerned at the wakeboard shop and using the grill, the shore, the playground or the courts and of course the water fun park.

A skate box and an 18 m/59 ft elephant box will definitely catch your eye at first, but further on you will see two 4 m/13 ft long and 1.5 m/4 ft high kickers on both sides as well as a 5 m/16 ft up-rail of 2.5 m/8 ft width and 1.5 m/4 ft height. Moreover there is a 20 m/65 ft long step-down box with 1.2 m/3 ft width and height.

At last, there is a fun-box consisting of a 8.5 m/27 ft long table with 2 m/6 ft width and 1 m/3 ft height, and an 18 m/59 ft long a-frame with 0.5 m/1 ft width and 1.5 m/4 ft height. The only things you need to have is your swimsuits and towels and unfortunately there are no dogs allowed at the park.

If you consider visiting Süsel in early April, you can have a great time at the annual wake-boarders meeting from all over Germany event. However, throughout the whole year several events are planned such as wakeboarding nights. But if you still need other options for entertainment, don’t worry because you can find around a variety of choices starting from restaurants to historical sights and nature parks.