Surfing in Melvich, Sutherland, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Level :
10 out of 10
April 1 - December 31
Hazard :
Quick changing weather conditions
A great choice for your favorite water sport activity. Although the Scottish weather can be challenging some times, you will definitely find the proper conditions for surfing!

Melvich is a beach, situated next to the river Halladale and can host many water sports like surfing. The beach is formed mainly by sand with few rocky parts. The beach is accessible by car and it is close to Thurso town.

Weather wise, the beach holds a typical northern Scottish weather. Wind here is constant throughout the year. Specifically a good wind direction that produces satisfactory swell is when it blows from the south. Swells at that point start working at less than 1 m / 3 ft and hold up to 3.5 to 4 m /11 to 13 ft max.

Although you can visit the beach from April to October, it is advisable to go during summer, as there isn’t much white water. The river mouth will give you a longer wave ride reaching 300 m/984 ft long, but if you prefer longer ride, then try to surf in the center of the beach.

Since weather in Scotland is known to be unpredictable, be aware of quick changes and also try to watch out for the rocky parts. Melvich is an isolated beach with no facilities, but you can stay in Thurso, which is a 30-minute drive or next to some local bed and breakfast or hotels.