Mountain Biking in Cambus O’May, Ballater, Northeastern Scotland United Kingdom

Forest Trail
11 mi / 17.7 km
356 m / 1167 ft
2.5 hrs
Between Ballater and Dinnet -on the north side of the A93- you will find Cambus O'May, one of the many enchanting woodlands in Scotland. This forest will offer you the tranquility of its stunning firs and dominant Scots pines while enjoying a ride with your mountain bike.

Scotland and Cairngorms in particular is famous for mountain activities. The area has been defined by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) as the top destination for mountain biking and Campus O’ May is one of the parks you don’t want to miss biking. You can chose riding around the Burn O’Vat or Loch Kinord and the hills behind.

The Forest Trail, a run round the Cambus O’ May forest,  is a perfect choice if you want to avoid climbing out onto the exposed hillside on a cold or windy day. This not so technical 11 mi / 17.7 km trail is fast and flowing in lots of parts. The first downhill single-track is a nice fast sweeping section that leads you through the trees down to a rough rooty natural path.

Some of the highlights are the climb and descent around Cnoc Dubh and the descent on a very rough double track that starts at Tag 5 and is full of dips and humps. In general, it is a very nice natural route that waits for you to paddle through it.