Surfing in Lagide, Peniche, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

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Peniche is a municipality and a seaside city, situated in formerly Estremadura Province, in Oeste Subregion. The municipality consists of 6 parishes and it is a popular surfing destination.

If you find yourself in Peniche, a visit to one of the most popular beaches of Baleal is essential. Lagide is a public beach, only 5 minutes drive north from Peniche. When you see a parking lot usually full of vans, this is your spot!

The wave there is regional classic and along with the regular break makes the spot perfect for experienced surfers. Even though the wave is left handed, it has a right handed peak, which is ideal for learning surfers. Most of the time, it is mushy and soft.

But when the waves go over 2 m/6 ft, then the spot is good for everyone. The atmosphere there is very good. Due to the location of the spot on a reef, beginners don’t usually go there, leaving the place to older and more calm surfers.

The reef-rocky wave is fast and fun, reaching a length of up to 50 m/164 ft on normal days and 150 m/492 ft on good days. The place works perfectly with southwest, south, southeast and east wind direction and northwest and west swell direction.

It also works perfect on mid and high tides and rising tides are the best movements. The swell starts working at 1 – 1.5 m/3 – 5 ft and holds up to 3+ m/10+ ft. Only few surfers visit this place, those who can appreciate the wave quality.

Dangers include urchins and rocks, so please be careful. If you are learning, you will love the right, but if you are already surfing, you will love the left… Nevertheless the place is amazing for surfing!!!