Speed Flying in Nevis Range, Fort William, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Maximum Altitude:
Take-off Altitude:
Nevis Range is a ski resort in the Highlands of Scotland. Apart from traditional skiing, Nevis Range gives 'xtreme' sporters the opportunity to experience the Scottish beauty in an alternative way.

Speed flying is a rising sport tendency in the United Kingdom. Nevis Range supports speed flyers, providing the adequate space to perform a thrilling and breathtaking flight. The mountain gondola system, which is unique in Scotland, offers to speed flying lovers a quick and effortless ride at 650 m/2132 ft on the southern slopes of Aonach Mor. In this way, the time of ascent does not exceed the descent’s time, so your ride becomes more enjoyable. The Sgurr Finnisg-aig and the Meall Beag are two of the take-off hillsides.

If we had to mention a disadvantage about speed flying in Scotland, that would be the frequency of unsteady winds. So, you ‘d better keep a wind speed anemometer in you essential gear.

Fort William provides visitors with a wide variety of accommodation options and facilities. Being the biggest town in the Highlands, you will surely find the perfect place to stay and taste the traditional products.