Scuba Diving in Chale Island, Mombasa Marine Park, Coast Province Kenya

6-30m / 19-98ft
10-20m / 32-65ft
Located at 10 km/6 mi in the south of Diani Beach and 50 km/31 mi from Mombasa town, Chale island is romantically isolated, lying at 600 m/1968 ft from the main land.

The island itself is 1.2 km/1312 yd long and 0.8 km/874 yd wide and surrounded by stunning beaches and inland mangrove forest lakes, dependents on the tidal changes. The beach is protected by a coral reef about 200 m/656 ft offshore allowing for some amazing scuba diving adventures.

The site has a maximum of diving depth of 30 m/98 ft and visibility normally stands between 10-20 m /32-65 ft. The Chale reef is suitable for all levels of all divers. One gets to explore the brilliant topography filled with extreme flora and fauna.

Scuba diving is done most of the year due to the permitting weather. Water temperatures normally range from 26-30°C/78.80 to 86°F however the rainy season here runs from May to Mid July and not highly recommended for a beach holiday season.

One needs to look out for graceful manta rays, turtles, as well as the various reef fish.  Some might even have the chance to play with dolphins while cruising the underworld!!! Assurance of sighting the whale sharks is between November through to February.