Surfing in La Chapelle, Brest, Brittany France

Type of wave / direction / power:
Reef-rocky / right and left / powerful, ordinary
Good swell direction:
Good wind direction:
Currents, sharks, rocks
Level of experience:
Pros or kamikazi only
Brest is situated in a sheltered position near the western tip of Breton peninsula and on the western extremity of metropolitan France. The city is in the Finistère department in northwestern France, Brittany. Brest is an important harbor and the second French after Toulon military port. In Brest, you will find a famous incredible castle, standing there since the Middle Ages.

La Chapelle Beach lies at about 30 min from Brest. It is a very beautiful public accessed – easy to find beach. You will have to take a car and then walk for about 5 – 15 minutes long and you are on the beach! One of the most popular sports that are being practiced here is surfing.

The wave quality is regional classic which sometimes breaks and it is only for professionals or Kamikazi surfers. The reef – rocky wave comes from both directions, right and left. Bottom of the sea is reef with corals, sharp rocks etc. The power of the wave is what makes the beach hard to surf. It is a powerful spot but quite ordinary.

You should take extra precautions though because currents and tides will lead you against the rocks, if you surf at low pace. The waves generally are short, less than 50 m / 164 ft in length and on good days, they can reach at 150 m /492 ft long.  Best swell direction comes from northwest, west while good wind direction comes from east, northeast.

Swell size starts working at 1.5 – 2 m /5 – 6 ft, holding up to 3+ m /10 + ft. The tide, in its best form, is low and mid and the best tide movement is rising tide. During the week the beach is empty, you might find a few surfers on weekends only.

It is a very dangerous beach with sharks and rocks, so you should pay extra attention. If you are a really experienced surfer, this is the beach for you!!!