Snow Kiting in Soda Springs Ski Resort, Truckee, California USA

Season :
November to May
Wind Direction:
southwest, west and northwest
Wind speed:
10 mph/16 kph
Soda Springs ski resort is located near Soda Springs, Nevada County, California, USA. Soda Springs ski resort is just off of Highway 80, near the Donner Summit.

It is the perfect place to snow kite. The terrain is very dangerous and challenging, but also one of the most rewarding. Because of the significant drop off, it is suggested that you shouldn’t get near to the eastern ridge. It is easy to keep your distance. Season for snow kiting is from November to May.

Wind direction is southwest, west and northwest. Level is advanced, so you should be an expert to snow kite at this spot. Launch is made on an open ridge line with multiple launch locations. Forecast is 10 mph or more southwest, west and northwest.

It is highly recommended, if you want to snow kite at this spot, to contact KGB for updates on conditions.