Snow Kiting in Lake Dillon, Idaho Springs, Colorado USA

5 - 45 mph/8 - 72.4 kph
6.6 - 16.4 ft/2 - 5 m long
Berthoud Pass is located between Idaho Springs and Winter Park and is one of the closest areas in Denver for snow kiting. It belongs to Boulder County and is just an hour away.

The top of the pass is at 11307 ft/3446 m and has access to a wide array of backcountry stashes. Lake Dillon is located near Frisco, at about an hour away from Denver and it is popular for snow kiting. It is the fastest growing winter activity and you will have a blast doing it.

You will cruise up a hill and ride all day long without stopping to ride a chairlift. All you need is wind to blow at 5-45 mph/8-72.4 kph and you are ready to go. If you don’t know how to snow kite, don’t worry, there are experienced instructors that will show you within every last detail.

Many people prefer to start with a 6.6-9.1 ft/2-3 m kite just to learn how to fly and on light wind days. It is up to you whether you are going to use ski or snowboard. The things you need to get started with is a Powerkite of 6.6-16.4 ft/2-5 m long, ski or snowboard and windsurf or kitesurf style harness.

This gear will be provided when you attend the class. The things you need to bring is the same gear with ski or snowboard.