Skate Boarding in The Bay Skatepark, Lincoln, Nebraska USA

$ 5 per session or $ 35 per month
Riding surface:
The City of Lincoln is the capital of the state of Nebraska and the second-most populous city after Omaha. It is also the county seat of Lancaster County and the home of the University of Nebraska.

If you are one of those who tend to enjoy every second of their life, then a visit at Lincoln and more particularly at The Bay Skatepark is well worth it.

Become one of those who share their passion of Skateboarding in this highly sought after and full of challenge skatepark. The Bay Skatepark is an indoor skatepark, which opened its doors to the skateboarding junkies in March, 2013. It is a non-profit skatepark and its mission is to create a cozy environment for all skateboarding enthusiasts.

The park has skatelite riding surface. In 28000 ft²/2601.30 m² of terrain, you find several ramps and many other challenging  features that will offer you a lifetime experience. Be aware that the park is lighted and restrooms are available. You also have to know that there is an admission fee for riding, which is about $ 5 per session or $ 35 per month. Last but not least, you can perform your tricks on Tuesdays: Noon – 9 P.M., Wednesdays: Noon – 9 P.M., Thursdays: Noon – 9 P.M., Fridays: Noon – 12 A.M., Saturdays: Noon – 12 A.M. and Sundays: Noon – 9 P.M. On Mondays the park is closed.

So, if you find yourself in Lincoln, don’t  miss visiting this place that will be the core of your excitement!