Skate Boarding in Ostfildern Skate Park, Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Park specifications:
Quarter, half bowl,two hips,two Pyras,banks,wallride transfer,curbs,rails,stairs
Stuttgart is situated in southern Germany and is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg. It is the sixth biggest city in Germany and is surrounded by a ring of smaller towns. The area is called Stuttgart Region. Stuttgart is a popular place for skate boarding. Skate boarders are everywhere in the streets, on stairs, parks and skate-parks. One very popular skate park in Ostfildern is Ostfildern Skate Park.

Ostfildern lies at 18 km/9 mi and about 20 min drive in the east of Stuttgart. The park is on a flat land which includes a basketball and football field. It is a mixture of a quarter, a half bowl, two hips, two Pyras, lots of banks, a very cool wall-ride transfer option on the pyramid, plus a few curbs, rails, stairs and many more!

There you will find some very unusual obstacles such as the ultra – rich and long Rail (stovepipe). The transitions from concrete to asphalt are rough because it always pulls to a downright while the big bangs are heated. You should definitely try to skateboard at this park!