Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Sestroretsk, Saint Petersburg, Federal city of Saint Petersburg Russia

May to September
Saint Petersburg is a city situated on the Neva river, at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The federal subject of Saint Petersburg has its name changed three times, from Saint Petersburg to Petrograd, then Leningrad and back to Saint Petersburg.

One very good spot for kitesurfing near St. Petersburg is Sestroretsk beach. Long, sandy beach of over 100 m/300 ft width and three stationary spots are all kitesurfers need to have a blast.

The winds blowing in the area mostly come from the northwest and west with an optimum direction from the southwest. The wind is dense, due to air temperature and high air pressure. 6 m/s-13.4 mph is a real wind for jumping and riding with a 16 m/52.5 ft kite and short board.

The average wind though is medium, 16 – 25 knots/29.7 – 46.3 kph and the best relative direction is side onshore. With standard spot quality, the place is suitable for wave, freeride, freestyle and long distance kitesurfing. Although, Sestroretsk is a recreational area for St. Petersburg citizens, it is empty when windy, so you will have more space for your tricks!

The water is clean, with no currents or tide dependency. The bottom of the sea is sandy and the water is not so deep, it is only 1 m/3 ft after walking a distance of 100 – 200 m/300 – 656.2 ft and after that 2 – 5 m/6 – 16 ft.

You find many amenities on spot that combined with the awesome conditions make Sestroretsk a great kitesurfing destination!!!