Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Kite Kuda Lagoon, Puttalam, North Western Province Sri Lanka

High season:
Wind type:
Cross-On shore
Kite Kuda Lagoon is located near Kalpitiya in the Puttalam district in Sri Lanka. It is also situated right next to the Kite Kuda Camp.

Mother Nature has been indeed very generous to Sri Lanka, endowing it with many beautiful spots and impressive lagoons. One of those spots is Kite Kuda Lagoon, hosting all kite-surfing enthusiasts. The words are not enough to describe this famous lagoon. But the crowd that visit this spot every year might give you a picture of what happens at this place.

Right to the Kite Kuda Lagoon, the Kite Kuda Camp is also located, where you can find accommodation facilities and really delicious dishes. So, if you are keen on kite-surfing activity, then choose among a wide range of schools and start to get to know with the Kite Kuda Lagoon in an extreme way.

The spot is ideal for both novices and experts of kite-surfing. The weather and water conditions are really in your favor. So, the sense of excitement will be only yours! The best months for performing this activity are from May until October. During these months the wind blows at 15 to 30 kn /28 to 56 kph and the winds best direction is Southwest (side on shore).

The Lagoon is shallow and the water is flat, with some waves from the nearby Laccadive Sea. The air temperature at the spot is above 25 °C /77  °F. There is a 50m large sand strip that separates the Ocean from the Lagoon. So get prepared for some more extreme waves. There’s nothing more to say but a lot of things to be done, and Kite Kuda Lagoon has the potential to fulfill all your extreme dream.