Wind Surfing in Galu Beach, Kwale, Coast Province Kenya

Wind Type:
Cross-shore Trade Winds
Wind strength:
18-22 Knots
Having earned itself the name "Maldives" of Kenya, Galu beach is situated at 5 km / 3 mi away from Diani Beach. It is calmer than the busy Diani Beach and boasts an indigenous flora. The white sandy beach incorporated with the clear turquoise waters offers a perfect choice for an amazing beach holiday.

Because of permitting water temperatures, the cross-shore trade winds, and white sandy beach, Galu beach makes for a perfect windsurfing spot. The beach is favorable for both the experienced and the beginner as well. On a typically perfect day, the flat water or waves allow for amazing blasting, free style, wave riding or even jumping!!

Galu beach wind conditions relies on two wind seasons. The Kaskazi (Northerly) and Kusi (Southerly). Kaskazi blows a reliable cross/cross-shore from December through to March with winds at 16-22 knots. Kusi on the other hand howls in from June through to September with wind strengths at 18-22 knots. During Kusi large swells are expected on the reef but flat-water conditions can be found within the reef.