Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Silver Sands, Barbados, Barbados

Skill Level:
All Kiters
Wind Direction:
N, NW, W
Swell Direction:
E, SE, S
Preferable Period:
December to March
Average Water Temperature:
Barbados is a small wonderful island lying east of the Caribbean Sea. It is also standing on the western side of the Atlantic Ocean and eastern side of the islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Barbados is one of the leading tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Its capital city is Bridgetown.

Silver Sands is a beautiful beach, located in the southern Barbados. It’s also a place, where many kiters are meeting, in order to perform this extreme sport. It’s a famous beach, which is almost always crowded. The main reason that makes Silver Sands a great kitesurfing spot is the weather conditions. The winds are pretty reliable and their intention can hold up to 16 knots/30 kph or 25 knots/46.3 kph. That usually happens during the period lasting from December to March. The wind direction is from the North, Northwest and West. As for the swell, its direction is from the East, Southeast and South. Kiters can try wave and bump and jump styles.

Barbados has a tropical climate with two main seasons. The wet season lasts from June to November, whilst the dry season lasts from December to May. The temperature is pretty high all year round. More specifically, it averages from 21°C/69.8°F to 31°C/87.8°F. The temperature of the water is about 26°C/78.8°F.

If you are either beginners or more experienced kiters, note that Silver Sands offers kitesurfing schools. Kind instructors will enter you into this wonderful world. However, if you visit Silver Sands and you don’t try kitesurfing, it is sure that you will enjoy an amazing sight. Watching many kiters and surfers, practicing their favorite sport at the same time, is an absolutely great experience.