Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Langebaan Lagoon, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa

Max wind speed:
35 kn/65 kph
Average wind speed:
20 kn/37 kph
Langebaan Lagoon is situated at 120 km/74 mi in the north of Cape Town and stretches at 20 km/12 mi in length and 1.5 km/0.9 mi in width. Unlike other lagoons, Langebaan is pure salty water. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are just breathtaking whether it is sunny or cloudy.

Winds are strong and constant with amazing wave sailing. The wind during summer is side shore howling with 20 kn/37 kph and above. Although kitesurfing is considered an all year round activity on the spot, best windy season is considered between October through to March.

Statistics indicates as good wind conditions offered on the spot for 20-25 days with 20 kn/37 kph each month during this season. November to February offers some days with up to 35 kn/65 kph. The spot accommodates well an amateur as well as an experienced practitioner with out and out high speed flat water blasting.