Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Apelviken, Varberg, Sweden

Red Flag:
Windy days and heavy
Varberg is located in the southwest of Sweden and is commonly considered as the country’s health resort. In fact, till today no other city offers more spa facilities than Varberg in Sweden. But the city’s main attraction for tourists is its vast coastline, comprising of many sandy beaches with crystal blue waters.

Specifically, if you are the adventurous kind of guy, then you have to visit the Apelviken beach which is about at 3.5 km/2.3 mi far from Varberg. Apelviken is one of the hottest spots in Sweden for kite surfers of all levels due to its ideal landscape and weather conditions.

The surfers’ period is between February to December and especially weekends the beach is overcrowded. Don’t underestimate the importance of the red flag, which means windy days and heavy currents and also pay attention when surfing to some cliffs, rocks and reefs.

Near the beach there is everything someone could ask for: hotels, restaurants, bars, kiosks, shops etc. All you have to do is just bring the appropriate equipment and your cheerful mood and then Apelviken will compensate you fair enough for your choice.