Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Pervolia Beach, Larnaca, Cyprus

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
May to October
Wind direction:
South, Southwest
Wind force:
15-30 knots/28-55.5 kph
Larnaca is a beautiful city, located in the southernmost coast of Cyprus and is fronted by the Mediterranean Sea. Rich in history as it is the oldest city in Cyprus with numerous attractions, vibrant nightlife, great food and outstanding beaches, Larnaca is a favorite destination for tourists during summer.

Larnaca offers a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild rainy winters. The hot summer season starts from mid May until mid October with average high temperatures at 32°C/90°F while during winter the average temperatures are no lower than 7°C/45°F.

Pervolia Beach is located very close from the main city and is a hot spot for kite-surfing enthusiasts of all skill levels. Although the beach is not sandy, it is 6 mi/10 km long with shallow waters, few swimmers and constant winds from sunrise to sunset. The crystal clear waters of the sea and the shore brake waves along with the strong thermal winds coming usually from south, southwest create the perfect conditions for freestyle, long distance and bump and jump kite-surfing.

For those who wish to take lessons or improve their skills, there are schools available on the spot and lots of space for practice. On the back side of the beach, there are open fields and many kite-surfers use them as launching and landing sites for their kites, especially when the wind direction is side on shore.  Pervolia Beach is a famous destination for the sports fans, usually getting crowded during weekends. Kite-surfers should be careful of rocks.