Mountain Biking in Eselfontein Alexander Forbes Trail, Ceres, Western Cape South Africa

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Cape Winelands is an area of vast vines and vineyards as the name suggests. Situated in the north east of Cape Town, it constitutes fertile green valleys, towns and villages surrounded by proud mountains. It is characterized by Mediterranean Climate and the winter rain contributes to the famous wine production which can be found in most of the world's corners.

Eselfontein Farm offers an amazing mountain biking experience. It is considered to be by most bikers as one of the best mountain biking trails in South Africa and offers breathtaking views along the way. It is a top of the notch trail with smooth to rocky single track terrain and an all year round activity.

Riding here can be tackled under all weather conditions, including the winter snow. Level of difficulty here is intermediate to hard, covering various route options and ranging between 15-45 km/9.3-28 mi lasting between 3-5 hours. One needs to have a high level of fitness to attempt this trail as the surface is far from smooth.