Surfing in Kalk Bay Reef, Cape Town, Western Cape South Africa

Swell Size:
False Bay is a body of water characterized by Cape Hangklip and Cape Peninsula, located in the southwest of South Africa. The bay is 30 km/18.7 mi wide, offering a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and wet, damp winters. The east and western shores of the bay are rocky and mountainous with visible peaks rising from the waters, while the northern side comprises a long, curving beach.

Kalk Bay Reef is world class but a very localized left hand reef. Wave quality here is superb powerful and hollow. On a good day, this insanely hollow resembles a pipeline. The spot works well with the SE wind direction. Most of the surf here comes from ground-swells.

K-bay as it is often called accommodates all levels of surfers with the winter being the best season for surfing here. Swell starts working at 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 4 m/12 ft and works will all tide levels with rising and falling tidal movement.

The spot is normally crowded but that is not causing any issues with surfers. The hazards here are urchins and rocks.