Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Lakes Bay, Atlantic City, New Jersey USA

Wind direction:
Wind speed:
16- 21 knots
Water temperature:
If you get easily bored and need a change, Lakes Bay is the most appropriate place to visit. The spot is located in West Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States. Visiting this place will give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself in all fields.

The fact that this place combines pleasure with adventure, attracts many people from all over the world every year. Being widely known as one of the most popular kitedoarding sites, you just have to try this activity and feel the adrenaline at the highest level.

The spot offers great flat waters, ideal for flat-water jumps, with south and southwest thermal winds. The venue faces of this spot are at SSW. Best tide position is low tide. With 16-21 knots/30-39 kph wind speed, it is sure that you will enjoy your activity at best. The bottom is muddy, so you will be able to experience a quicksand effect in the standing area. Having the weather conditions in your favor, discover this place and spend all your positive energy by performing your favorite sport.

Services like schools, rental shops, storage racks, bathroom, shower, deck and picnic tables are available on spot. The appropriate season to perform this activity is from April to October. After your thrilling activity, you can spend the rest of your day having a few pints in the numerous pubs that you will find nearby.