Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Kite Lagoon, Sant’Antioco, Sardinia Italy

Wind speed:
30 kn / 34 mph
Wind direction:
North mistral and north sirocco
Water type:
Sant'Antioco is a beautiful and the second largest island of the Sardinian region. Being the fourth largest city after Sicily, the spot is a famous tourist destination. Maintaining its unique culture and natural beauty, southwestern Sardinia is worth to be visited.

Blessed with Mediterranean climate, and set in crystal waters, Sant’Antioco offers you the best conditions for having the best holidays of your life. Being considered as a treasure of the Mediterranean, Sant’Antioco hosts all travellers who seek for a unique experience.

The spot is also famous for water sports. Kite surfing enthusiasts have discovered the Kite Lagoon which is considered to be as the best place for enjoying this thrilling activity.The kite spot is located 10 minutes drive far from two main cities, Sant’Antioco town and Calasetta.

It is a large shallow water lagoon ideal for both novices and experts of kite surfing. The lagoon has sandy bottom. The most striking feature of this spot is the wind. There are two main wind directions, the north mistral and the north sirocco. The wind speed is about 30 kn / 34 mph. Due to the fact that the spot is protected by other island, the water is flat.

The flat water serves those who have just started to get to know with this activity as well as those who want to do their tricks. Furthermore, if you are interested in having some more challenge, the kite park, which offers funny obstacles, is also available.

Once your activity reaches at the end, it’s time to savor the worldwide known Italian cuisine.