Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Barnegat Bay, South Seaside Park, New Jersey USA

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All kiteborders
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Barnegat Bay Island, commonly known as "The Barrier Island" is a 20 mi/32 km long, narrow barrier, located in Ocean County, New Jersey, that divides the Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

Barnegat Bay is located approximately 40 minutes far from Seaside Park. It is an ideal place for all those, who want to exercise challenging kite-boarding. With great weather conditions, the spot is always busy by both experts and amateurs kite-boarders.

Barnegat Bay is a shallow body of clean waters with most areas waist deep. During May, June and July famous New Jersey thermal winds blow on average 3-4 times per week. Thanks to its location, kite-boarders can exercise their activity at any wind direction. However, best wind directions are SSW, S, SW, SSE and SE. The spot allows to 50 kite-boarders to practice their sport at the same time. As for beginners, Barnegat Bay is considered as the best place so familiar with this sport. This place is also known as the paradise of kite-boarding. In addition, the spot provides many kite-boarding schools with qualified instructors.

Finally, after your exciting activity, you can visit Seaside Park and have some fun by tasting excellent cuisine. The most appropriate season to perform this activity is from April through November.