Wakeboarding in Barnegat Bay, South Seaside Park, New Jersey USA

Best Wind Directions:
Wind Type:
Thermal Wind
Barnegat Bay Island, commonly known as "The Barrier Island" is a 20 mi/32 km long, narrow barrier, located in Ocean County, New Jersey, that divides the Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.

Barnegat Bay is one of the most appropriate places for your entertainment and relaxation. The spot is famous for its hospitality and the great amenities that offers to its visitors. Many people visit this place in order to exercise an amazing activity, like wakeboarding.

Barnegat Bay is a shallow body of clean waters with most areas waist deep. On spot, the current is medium 1-2 knots/1.85-3.7 kph and the bottom is sandy. The winds are thermal and their speed is 16-25 knots/30-46.3 kph. So, get ready to feel the ultimate adventure of wakeboarding and let all your negative thoughts fade away. If you want to avoid the crowd, it will be better to visit this spot during weekdays.

If you have never tried this kind of activity, don’t drop out, as the spot offers you qualified instructors, who are available to teach you how to enjoy your sport with safety and fun. Once the sun goes down, you can spend your leisure time by exploring the beauty of this place.