Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in La Franqui, Leucate, Languedoc-Roussillon France

Best Wind Direction:
Wind's speed:
25 kn / 46.3 kph
No Tide Dependency
Water type:
Leucate is a commune, situated in the department of Aude in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, France. It is located at 130 km/80 mi in the south east of Montpellier, however still a thrilling destination of the Mediterannean Sea for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

La Franqui is a well known beach, located in Leucate, France. It is an ideal spot for the experience of a thrilling activity, like kitesurfing. That’s why the spot hosts the Mondial du Vent. So, when visiting the spot it is possible to come across many kitesurfing trainers.

Just go on and share your passion with everyone located there. From the spot you park your car, you need to walk for about 30 mins to reach the beach. In order not to get lost or confused, it is advisable to ask for directions before you visit the spot. But once you get there you have a lot to do thanks to the finest kitesurfing conditions that you will find. The water in La Franqui is clean and the bottom is sandy.

The spot’s famous venturi wind has its main direction from the east and its best direction from the west. It also blows with a speed of about 25 kn / 46.3 kph. The wind’s type is onshore but the phenomenon of a blowy wind, which is created by the natural venturi of mountains is very common. This wind is offshore and sometimes might make you move to La Palme lagoon.

Although, the spot offers this turbulent wind and small waves, it is one of the most favorable spots for the practice of kitesurfing. The most appropriate period to visit La Franqui is from September to July.

So, why don’t become one of those who enjoy kitesurfing in a really kitesurfing paradise!!!