Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Lac de Monteynard, Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes France

Surface area:
6.6 km²/2.5 mi²
Maximum depth / Surface elevation:
115 m (377 ft) / 630 m (2066 ft)
Best time to visit:
May to September
Average wind direction / speed:
NNW,NNE,ESE,SSE / 5 knots (5.8 mph)
Average temperature:
12-22°C /53.6-71.6°F
Lac de Monteynard-Avignonet is an artificial water reservoir, serving the Électricité de France power station of Drac Station. The reservoir is bounded by the canyons of Ebron and Drac and belongs to the Isère department. It was created in 1961 after the built of a 145 m/476 ft dam. The reservoir is up to 10 km/6.3 mi long and in some places it reaches at 300 m/984 ft wide. On the lake, it is often windy and wavy, something that makes it one of the best places to practice water sports.

Statistics record wind in summer and along with the magical setting, Monteynard is a mecca for Kitesurfing. Located only at 20 minutes away from Grenoble, Lake Monteynard is elongated form and is perfectly offered for kitesurfing teaching.

Thermal wind breaths in the axis of the lake usually from 12 to 18 hours and can reach at 18 knots/33 kph. Situated in a beautiful scenery, kite-surfers are gathered from May to September. Once arrived on the spot, you follow the basics of flying over full water and assisted by the boat school. Additionally, you will get dressed with the first edges safely, enjoying an outstanding performance for about 6 km / 3.1 mi long across the lake.

The wind conditions are ideal when it is blowing from the north-northwest, north-northeast, east-southeast and south-southwest with an average speed of 5 knots/9.2 kph. Average temperature in the particular season is tempting and varies between 12-22°C /53.6-71.6°F. No matter your level of ability -novice or expert, don’t hesitate, go and learn or improve your kite-surfing skills.