Wind Surfing in Leucate-Plage, Leucate, Languedoc-Roussillon France

Wind direction:
NW to NE
Water type:
Leucate is a commune, situated in the department of Aude in the region Languedoc-Roussillon, France. It is located at 130km/80mi in the south east of Montpellier, however still a thrilling destination of the Mediterannean Sea for windsurfing enthusiasts.

Find yourself in France and you will never regret it. To begin with, visit the beautiful Leucate-Plage and try to exercise the thrilling activity of windsurfing. It is a big sandy beach with different interesting spots to sail. Thanks to its favorable climatic conditions, the spot is considered as the best place for practicing windsurfing and for holding international competitions.

One side of the beach is sandy while the other offers flat and shallow waters. During early spring, which is considered as the perfect time to visit this spot, the Tramontane wind tends to be very strong with about 35 kn / 40 mph speed and offshore. At this period the spot might be overcrowded.

During spring months the water temperature ranges between 12-18 °C / 54-64 °F. Beginners of windsurfing are advised to visit this place during summer months, whereas advanced windsurfers should definitely be here in early spring, when they will be able to perform their challenging tricks.

The perfect place for the most thrilling activity exists. It is called Leucate-Plage and awaits for you discover it!