Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Ocean Beach, San Diego, California USA

Wind :
12 mph/19.3 kph
north-south pacific ocean
Ocean Beach is located in San Diego on the Southern coast of California.

Given that the location is identified in the middle of California, there are extreme weather conditions and currents from the north and south pacific ocean. Ocean beach is a famous kite-surfing spot in the US because of the big waves observed in the spot.

It’s not impossible for a kite-surfer to find such big waves -depending on the wind conditions- which may prevent him from riding them properly. If you choose to go for kite-surfing there, you can come across waves, on a good day, that can reach triple overhead, an amazing chance for kite-surfing.

Preferred season to visit the spot is considered the summer period (May through August), when winds can reach up to 12 mph/19.3 kph, ideal chance to seize a unique and thrilling kite surfing experience.