Bungee Jumping in Grotte du Mas d’Azil, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees France

Jump location:
Roof of a cave
Jump height:
70 m/230 ft
Freefall time:
5 sec
Best time to jump:
June to September
Toulouse is located in southwestern France in Haute – Garonne department, right on the banks of the River Garonne. It is the fourth largest metropolitan area after Paris, Marseille and Lyon. Toulouse is known as the center of the European aerospace industry. Headquarters of Aerospace Valley, Airbus, SPOT satellite system, Galileo positioning system and ATR make Toulouse a global cluster. Among these, Toulouse has a big sporting activity that spreads in the entire metropolitan area.

Near Toulouse, at about an hour and a half southerly in the heart of Ariege lies Grotte du Mas d’Azil, right in the halfway between Pyrenees and Toulouse. The cave of Mas d’Azil is a world famous unique site. The cave, previously known for hosting Homo sapiens, now houses Homo elasticus. Bungee Jumping is the perfect way to explore the cave’s entrance.

At a height of 70 m /230 ft, the jump takes place in 100% nature. The Mas d’Azil cave is the only one worldwide where bungee jumping from a cave’s roof is allowed. Bungee Jumping is by its nature a thrilling experience where adrenaline reaches high levels. When jumping from that huge mass of rock, all these feelings are automatically multiplied.

While you get roped, you can admire the magnificent view over the cave’s roof and wait passionately to jump. When you are ready, just count backwards 3,2,1 bungeee and jump of the roof! The amazing 5 seconds free-fall will make you feel like falling lasts an eternity, while watching the alternating landscapes until the rope stretches and the people at the bottom of the cave will help you to take it off.

The best season to live this amazing experience is from June to September but you should bear in mind that you must reserve your jump, especially in weekends. Come and be part of the privileged ones who have experienced ‘the’ sensation of bungee jumping in a unique setting.