Mountain Climbing in Sgor na h-Ulaidh, Glencoe, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

994 m/3261 ft
16 km/10 mi
Glencoe's landscapes are familiar to most of us, since the filming of ''Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Askaban'' and ''Skyfall'' took place there. It is a small village in the Highlands of Scotland, located in the heart of a glen. Glencoe provides a wide range of facilities, being at the same time a great resource of mountain activities.

Sgor na h-Ulaidh is hidden by the imposing Bidean nam Bian and that’s why it is often regarded as the forgotten top of Glencoe. Its name means ”peak of treasure”. At good weather conditions, Sgor na h-Ulaidh requires a moderate-hard climb. It can be climbed either from Glencoe’s side to the north or from the southwest via Glen Etive. Although Glencoe’s side is the most popular because of the accessibility, the second one is the most rewarding approach.

If you, finally, choose to take the challenge, you will start from the Gleann leac na-muidhe. Here the climb is very demanding and requires some attention in order to make a safe ascent. It hosts some exceptionally steep and craggy points, but the view of this treasure is an out of common experience. There is a parking space available at Glencoe’s Visitor Centre at the A82.