Mountain Biking in Learnie Red Rock, Inverness, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

16 km/9.2 mi
Learnie Red Rock is a spot, suitable for biking, in the west of Scotland, in the Highlands.

In the vicinity of Inverness,  there is a trail group of 16 km/9.2 mi long, called Learnie “Red Rock Trails”. The spot is ideal for bikers of all levels of difficulty, offering green, blue and black trails all together. All trails are quite challenging and even the green one requires a certain amount of experience.

Apart form the trails, there is a special place called the dirty jump area, where you can test your skills in making great jumps and maneuvers with your bike. If you are a beginner and high levels of adrenaline is not your cup of tea, then “Home Green” is a marvelous site of the spot for you.

This is a 500 m/1640 ft long trail with tracks that allow you to enjoy biking in low-pace speeding. There are local accommodation options with a big variety of prices to choose from.