Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Cumbuco Village, Caucaia-Fortaleza, Ceara Brazil

Average water temperature:
26 - 28°C / 78.80 - 82.40°F
Average air temperature:
26 - 32°C / 78.80 - 89.60°F
Maximum wave height:
2 m / 6 ft
Tide changes:
6 hrs
Cumbuco is a small fishing village situated at about 25 km/16 mi North West from the city of Fortaleza, in the state of Ceara, along the north east coast of Brazil. Fortaleza constitutes a major pole attraction for tourists. The area is known for the offering eco-tourism opportunities, thanks to its natural setting, which renders it a paradise for the fans of extreme sports, too.

An extensive coastline of 600 km/372 mi long offers great spots for water sports, especially kite-surfing. There is a number of beaches appropriate for kiting. However the most famous one is Cumbuco, in the region of Caucaia. Cumbuco is a beach with soft sand, clear waters and sandy bottom.

The best season for kitesurfing in Cumbuco Beach is from June to the end of January, when there are constant winds. The average air temperature is between 26 and 32°C/78.80-89.60°F while the water temperature is from 26-28°C/78.80-82.40°F, which  means that no wet-suits are needed. The maximum height of waves is 2m/6ft while the tides change every 6 hours. Kite-surfers of any level can practice their favorite sport with a variety of styles (free, wave, speed, bump&jump).

Most of the beaches, as well as Cumbuco, house kite-surfing schools that will provide you with the necessary equipment and guidance.