Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Vama Veche Beach, Constanta, Romania

Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Best season:
Early spring and late fall
Best wind direction:
Water type:
Shallow and flat
Vama Veche is a small village located on the lower Romanian coat on the Black Sea, close to the border with Bulgaria. Widely known as non mainstream destination, the village attracts visitors that are into free camping, nude swimming and non stop partying with many music festivals and events throughout summer.

Vama Veche has a moderate subtropical climate. Summers are dry and warm with an average temperature at 23 °C /73 °F and many sunny days from late May until mid September. On July and August the beach is covered with tents and bathers enjoying the loud music and the hot sun. Kitesurfing there during that time, is difficult because there is not enough space to launch a kite and the wind is not very good as it only has 5 to 8 windy days per month.

However if you visit in early spring or late fall, the winds are stronger and provide better conditions for kitesurfing.  The beautiful sandy beach is not yet crowded, so there is more than enough free space for kiters. The water is shallow and flat and it sometimes has small to medium waves when the wind is coming from North. Ideal for free ride kite surfing, Vama Veche is suitable for all skill levels. There are no schools operating on the spot, so it is best to go prepared in regards of gear. The beach provides facilities such as showers, beach bars, rest rooms and parking.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Bucharest
137.9mi/222km, 2hours and 2mins
Head toward Bulevardul Mircea Vodă east on Bulevardul Unirii, At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Bulevardul Burebista, Turn left onto Calea Dudești, Continue onto Bulevardul Camil Ressu, At Unicredit Ţiriac Bank, continue onto Bulevardul Theodor Pallady Go through 1 roundabout, Continue onto E81, Continue onto Autostrada Soarelui/A2/E81, Keep right at the fork and merge onto A4, Exit onto Bulevardul I. C. Brătianu, Turn left at DIGITOPIA onto Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918/DN2A, Turn right at Volksbank toward Strada București, Turn right onto Strada București, Take the 1st right onto Aleea Garofiței, Aleea Garofiței turns left and becomes Strada Productelor.
BY CAR FROM Constanța
33mi/53.2km, 53mins
Head toward Strada Avram Iancu, Take the 1st right onto Strada Avram Iancu, Turn right onto Bulevardul I. C. Brătianu, Slight right at Synevo toward Bulevardul 1 Decembrie1918/DN2A, Sharp left onto Bulevardul 1 Decembrie 1918/DN2A, Continue onto Bulevardul 1Mai/DN39 Continue to follow DN39, Turn right onto Strada Mugurului, Take the 1st left, Take the 2nd left, Turn right at Spalatorie Auto si Alimentare GPL, Keep right to continue on Șoseaua Mangaliei/DN39/E87 Continue to follow DN39/E87, Go through 3 roundabouts, Slight right onto Strada Traian/DN39/E87, At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Strada Portului/DN39/E87, Turn right onto DN39/E87, Turn left at Casa No Name onto Strada Ion Creangă,
Henri Coandă International Airport,
175mi/282km from Vama Veche Beach
Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport,
49mi/78.9km from Vama Veche Beach.

There are several daily trains from Bucharest to Constanta. Trains from/to other major cities in Romania connect in Bucharest at the main railway station, Gara de Nord.  In order to reach Vama Veche, the closest train station is in Mangalia and from there you can jump on to any mini bus with young people in and hippie signs on the windows!


If you are interested in trying out this amazing sport in this spot press the request button so as to give you more information and prices.

Kitesurfing From Zero To a Hero Course, Constanta
/ Constanta, Romania

If you want progress, go all the way!

The course “From zero to a hero!” will turn you from a totally beginner to an independent kitesurfer, able to practice this sport by yourself. The first week course covers the techniques from the Discovery to the Advanced courses, while the next week course defines the advanced settings of the equipment, board control in different conditions, advanced theories and basic freestyle tricks.


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Kitesurfing Discovery Course, Constanta
/ Constanta, Romania

Getting bored on the beach? We move in the water!

Discovery module provides some basic information about this sport to those who want to initiate. The course begins by presenting the equipment and framework necessary for carrying out the course and also, provides participants with optimal conditions for initiation.
The first part of the session focuses on the quality and wind direction, safety rules, equipment checking and preparation. The second part takes place in water and includes piloting the kite by the student and maintaining it in fixed positions with two hands and one hand, re-launches the kite from the water, recall procedure using self-rescue method and using of safety systems.

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Kitesurfing Advance Course, Constanta
/ Constanta, Romania

Do you need a mini vacation on the water? Here is an option!

The first 4 days of the course follows the same rules of Initiation and Independent courses, and then it offers two more full days for enhancing water-start and board control techniques, small jumps and transitions. If you are passionate about kitesurfing we strongly recommend this course since it gives you the opportunity to practice with confidence and become independent.

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Kitesurfing Private 3 hr Lesson, Constanta
/ Constanta, Romania

You want to try a new trick or master a maneuver, we can assist you!

A Private Lesson involves 1 IKO Instructor + 1 Student. A Semi-Private Lesson involves a maximum of 2 students per instructor with safety as the primary concern at our kiteboading school.

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Kitesurfing Independent Course, Constanta
/ Constanta, Romania

The course is 100% practical and is a perfect idea for a long weekend!

4 day kitesurfing course is also intended for beginners and follows the 2 day Initiation Course. The third and fourth day learning techniques involve water-start, complex body-dragging and maintaining the speed and direction of travel on the board.

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Kitesurfing Initiation Course, Constanta
/ Constanta, Romania

The course is 90% practical and obviously super fun for a weekend break!

The 2 day kitesurfing course also addresses to beginners and is a good introduction to the secrets of the sport; it includes Discovery module and also body-dragging techniques in the water needed to recover the board.

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