Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Sulina Beach, Tulcea County, Romania

Skill level:
Intermediate and advanced
Best season:
May to October
Best wind direction:
Northeast, East, Southwest
Beach facilities:
Camping, rest rooms, beach bar
Sulina is a unique small town in Tulcea County, situated on a distributor channel that forms the Danube Delta and is bordered by the Black Sea. Located in the southernmost point of Romania, it used to be once a very important port and shipyard. Since there is no road access, Sulina can be approached only by boat from Tulcea and is a wonderland for nature enthusiasts who wish to explore and admire the magnificent beauty of the Danube Delta.

Sulina offers a humid subtropical climate, with rainy winters and minimum temperatures at -4 °C/25 °F in January and February, and hot humid summers with an average temperature at 27 °C /81 °F in July and August.

Kitesurfing in Sulina Beach is a new activity that is slowly gaining reputation as the winds are stronger on this part of the Black Sea and at the north side of the beach, there are some excellent flat water conditions. The main wind direction is coming from Northeast, East, Southwest and is usually side-onshore. The water is shallow and crystal clear with no tide dependency.

The thermal winds are stronger early in the afternoon and waves up to 9.8 ft/3 m high rise occasionally for those who are into freestyle kite-surfing. During the summer months, the beach is crowded with bathers and jet skies. Avoid the swimmers area and find a clear spot to launch your kite safely. Kite-surfing gear is available at the city of Constanța.