Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in H2O Beach, Constanta, Romania

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best season:
May to September
Best wind direction:
Northeast, Southeast
School, launch area, lifeguards, showers
Located on the crossroad of various commercial routes, Constanta is situated on the western coast of the Black Sea and hosts Romania's largest sea port. Rich in history and archaeological treasures and bordered by the sea with a long coastline and beautiful beaches, Constansa is a city of great cultural and economic importance and a famous touristic venue for both local and foreign visitors.

Constanta offers a moderate subtropical climate. Summers are dry and warm with an average temperature at 23 °C /73 °F and many sunny days from late May until mid September. Winters can be cold and usually windy with an average temperature at 12 °C /54 °F and occasional winter storms from December to March.

H2O Beach is a widely known kite spot that was created by kiters, offering everything you need on the spot. The location is favored with side-onshore thermal winds that blow mainly in the afternoon and can reach up to 17 knots/31.5 kph. The beach is covered with fine white sand and the sea is shallow and clear.

The best wind direction is when coming from northeast or southeast and as it creates small to medium waves in the sea, it is perfect for free style or speed kite-surfing. There is a designated area for kite launching and many more facilities such as a chill out area, training area, a board shop, umbrellas, a beach bar that organizes beach parties and lots of music. Note that the beach is ultra crowded during high season. Kite-surfers should be careful of bathers and jet skies.