Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in The Magdalen Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec Canada

Wind Speed:
17 to 40 km/hour (9 to 22 knots)
The Magdalen Islands or "I'les de Madeleine" in French form a small archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, with a land area of 205.53 km²/79.35 mi². Closer to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, the Magdalen Islands constitute part of the Canadian Province of Quebec.

This area is one of the best destinations for visitors, as they can find whatever they need in all fields. Here you can really enjoy your vacations. There are three places that are highly recommended visiting either for their natural habitat or for their flora and fauna that Magdalen Islands feature. Those places are: Ile Brion, point De I’Est in Grosse Ile and Roucher aux Oiseaux.

A lot of people visit this place to satisfy their curiosity for cultural beauty, such as historical museums, but also for the impressive beaches of the marine beauty. Here you can enjoy kite surfing on one of the famous islands like Grosse Ile, Grande-Etree, Pointe-oux-Loups, Havre-aux-Maisons, Cap-aux Meules, Havre-Aubert.

These islands are ideal for those who want to perform an activity, as well as for those who want to walk, collect shells, swim, relax and admire the marine beauty.

During August the seawater temperature in Magdalen Islands reaches up to 18 degrees Celsius. Strong winds influence the climate of Magdalen Islands. Wind speed varies from 17 to 40 km/hour (9 to 22 knots) giving the opportunity of an extraordinary experience.

During summer the winds blow from the south-west and in colder seasons from the north-west. For beginners, a school is available to teach them the appropriate techniques for the best activity.