Scuba Diving in CD’s Bommie, Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
Skill level:
CD's Bommie is a challenging spot for scuba diving, located in Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula. The spot is a huge 500 m/1640 ft across bommie that drops at 32 m/104 ft in depth.
Minimum winter temperatures average around 4°C/39.2°F and the maximum can reach 40°C/104°F during summer. Due to the colder southern ocean waters a wetsuit is often required for skin-diving or scuba diving activities or for any prolonged periods in the water even in the warmer summer months.
Air refills for scuba tanks are available at various locations throughout Yorke Peninsula. However, there is only a diving school which is based in Adelaide, organizing scuba diving in CD’s Bommie, accessible by boat from Marion Bay.
"Scuba Diving CD's Bommie"
The spot is recommended only for advanced divers. The maximum depth of the dive spot is at 35 m/114 ft while the average visibility is at 20 m/65 ft long. Usually there are no underground currents so let yourself to be seduced by the beauty and the variety of the marine life of the spot: bulls-eyes fishes , Blue Devils fishes, boar-fishes, blue groupers and crayfishes, Nannaguis, Snappers and Abalones attract your attention and keep you busy for as long as your air lasts long in your tube.
Accommodation options and leisure activities are located in Marion Bay, while the Innes National Park gives you a good chance to redefine your touch with nature.